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Digital Security

VITAartBR is the first creative studio in Latin America to use the most rigorous security and privacy program in all stages and processes.

We know that we handle sensitive customer data, ranging from technical projects for unreleased products to unreleased music and music from artists and bands. Items that have been invested a lot of resources to be created, and cannot, in any way, be "leaked" or "stolen" during the video creation process.

Therefore, we have as default, the following steps and processes:

E-Mail, calendar, document storage and Invoices

From the first contact by e-mail, passing to the exchange of files, negotiations, contract and invoices, we use a Proton Technologies AG service based and hosting in Geneva at Switzerland,  which is currently the world leader in online security.

All our emails and files are encrypted, if the sender is using common email services, if necessary, we use links with encrypted keys for opening, only by him.


Chats and Meetings

2020 forever changed the way we work, instant global service is now a reality. This increases the need to keep conversations and data secure. That's why we give our client the option to access an encrypted, private chat, with contact verification, history retention control, video call and group.

We know that our customers,
  people and companies are used to certain services and technology, so we respect individual trust, and in "less critical" cases we use the services chosen by the client.

During the entire approval of videos and files, in the editing process, only the contacts authorized by the customer have access to the "previews" and comments on the files.


Storage Editing, Backup and Delivery of Files

Technical problems are part of our lives, hard drives fail, complete servers go down, power outages and fiber servers.

You don't have to worry about these setbacks. Our objective is that we (VITAartBR and Client) can access the files 24 hours a day, and in a secure way.

All our local files are kept in AES-256 encryption, all files in edition and collection are backed up every 6 hours, keeping the entire history of changes for each file (temporary or final) for 365 days.

We work with a data center based in Auckland, New Zealand, with file redundancy in Salamanca in Spain and Porto in Portugal, a company with 100% of its own servers and services, end-to-end encryption where we can have the highest possible level of privacy, in addition to following the rules of the "General Regulation on Data Protection of the European Union".

In our edition base, we work with operator redundancy, with a 100% fiber optic system and more than 1,000 mega of symmetric Download / Upload speed


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