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Events at Teatro SCAR in Jaraguá do Sul/SC

 Based in São Paulo, VITAartBR since 1999  produces corporate events and shows throughout Brazil.
  Due to the demand for equipment and services in Santa Catarina, in 2014 it set up an advanced base in the north of the island of Florianópolis.
   With our editing studio just a few hours from Jaraguá do Sul, and with technical teams in Blumenau and Jaraguá, we can serve events with Multi Projection, 3d Video Mapping, Digital Scenography and augmented reality, with agility and security, optimizing costs and time for the agency and end customer.

Learn more about VITAartBR and discover new possibilities for the production of your show or event

Panoramic Space | SCA

Grand Theater | SCA

In each project, we accepted the challenge of doing something totally new, giving new life, colors and shapes to the incredible architecture of SCAR.

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